Designer Skin Elusive Breakthrough

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Designer Skin Elusive Breakthrough

It’s always slipping away from your fingertips.  It’s that "something" you want more than anything, but can never seem to have.  It’s Elusive!  Designer Skin Elusive Breakthrough has what it takes to make you the object of everyone’s affection.  They’ll wonder how in the world you managed to achieve the tan that they’ve always chased and never captured.  Dark and sultry, your skin is the center of attention.  Deep like the ocean, but playful like the sea, you are the most versatile and desirable creature on earth.  It’s that coveted characteristic that everyone wishes they had, but only a rare few possess.

Heavily saturated shades of gold grace your skin, coatng you with 50X bronzer which creates a depth of brown previously believed to be unachievable.  The only thing better than your new 24 karat gold glow?  The youthful complexion that Elusive Breakthrough offers those who choose it.  Wrinkles are nothing but a memory, as skin drinks up the lotion and plumpens.

  • ChronoRest technology turns back time, to days of plush, firm, radiant skin.  Hydration is no longer a question as it deeply nourishes skin and returns it to its former glory
  • TanEntice Elixir works with the bronzers in the lotion and your skin’s amino acids to naturally trigger optimal Melanin production
  • Time is of the essence as this product uses time-release technology to allow the gentle scent of Dewy Ozonic Lily to linger past the end of even the longest night.

Additional Information:
Contains DHA and Erythrulose
Aloe, Hemp and Gluten Free
Contains Nuts
Not tested on animals