Frequenty Asked Questions



Don't Feel Lost. Here's The FAQs.

Can I Shower After Tanning?

Here’s the skinny. Showering does not and will not wash off your tan. That’s just silly, so do go forth and feel free to shower. What showering will do is wash off any bronzer residues(if you used a tanning lotion with bronzer that is) from your skin. Tanaholics highly recommends showering with a hydrating body wash designed to nourishing and moisture tan skin. Always remember, hydrated skin promotes a deeper tan better than dry skin. Also, try to shower just before you tan. Warm water helps open skin pores, and encourages microcirculation that helps bring about a deeper darker tan.

I Just Don’t Like The Tingle, What Do I Do?

Chillax,tingles are not going to harm your skin. It’s only a sensation. Tanaholics recommends taking a COOL shower. Notice, the bold emphasis on cool. A warm water shower will intensify the sensation due to the skin’s pores being opened, which allows the active ingredients of the tingle to slip deeper. So again, take a cool shower using a hydrating body wash. A word of advise; when using tingles for the first time, don’t go all crazy. Start with a low intensity, and move upward.

What are Bronzers

In a nutshell, provide you the magical illusion of having a darker tan. The active ingredient combines with your tanning melanin. Yes, bronzers do wash off. So if you used a tanning lotion with bronzer, you may want to wait a couple hours before showering. Whether you’re an experienced tanner or just starting, bronzers are icing for the ultimate smooth dark tan.

What are Tingles

Tingle lotions are designed to create a warming effect that help open skin pores encouraging microcirculation for oxygen, which lead to deeper tan results. Say that 3x fast. Beginning tinglers should start off using mild tingle lotions. All that chatter online about itching and burning is because someone used a tingle that was a bit too intense for their liking. Once your skin acclimates to the tingle lotion of your liking, move up to another level or try anther brand.

Does Tanning Lotion Really Speed Up Tanning

are designed with tanning in mind, so yes. It takes you there. These lotions are designed to moisture the skin, and improve your tanning results. Some tanning lotions may contain bronzers, which help by making your tan look darker. Tanaholics cannot imagine anything worse than someone laying in a tanning bed with tanning lotion unnecessarily dehydrating and aging his/her skin. Icky!

What Do I Use On My Face

Tanning lotions designed for the face are nutrient rich, moisture abundant, and help reduce fine lines. Always put your best face forward.

Will My Tattoo Fade

Similar to exposing your tattoo out in nature without protection, so will your tattoo fade while indoor tanning without protection. Don’t fret. Tattoo protecting tanning lotions are designed to reduce tattoo color fade. Another way to prevent tattoo fade is to cover the tattoo with tanning stickers before applying tanning lotion, or an SPF lip balm.