Snooki Skinny Dramatically Dark Black Bronzer

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Snooki Skinny Dramatically Dark Black Bronzer

Get the “Skinny” on how to look like a lean, mean dark tanning machine with Snooki’s Dramatically Dark Black Bronzer. This dark tanning formula combines DHA bronzers and powerful tan maximizers for the deepest, darkest color. Combined with Fit & Firm Complex for a more tone and tightened appearance and Tattoo ColorShield to help Tattoos from fading, it’s clear that this “Skinny” is the ultimate dark bronzing routine.

* Powerful Black Bronzing blend provides long lasting dark color while allowing skin to further darken up to 12 hours after UV exposure.
* Powerful Tan Maximizers prepare your skin for deep rich golden color.
* Fit & Firm Complex helps reduce the appearance of cellulite while leaving skin soft, smooth and ready for attention.
* Tattoo ColorShield Technology combines essential minerals, Aloe, and Algae to help maintain the color and vibrancy of tattoos.
* Nut, Paraben and Gluten Free Formula.