Tingle Lotion


Let there be warmth! Tingle lotions provide the experienced tanner with a warm tingling sensation after application. Its unique technology design increases oxygen to the skin’s surface through microcirculation encouraging a more deeper dark tan. Tingles are unique, and some tanners don’t care for their sensations.

Here are a few in the know aspects:

  • Read the label to know the type of tingle sensation the lotion will produce.
  • If you’re new to tanning or have sensitive skin, opt for a low tingle sensation lotion first.
  • You can always tingle higher next session.
  • Don’t apply tingle lotion and then be around children or animals. Their sensitive skins may come in contact with yours.
  • Avoid using on your face, as facial areas are delicate. Instead, use indoor tanning lotions designed for the face.
  • After applying a tingle, wait two-to-six hours after before showering.
  • Shower using cool or tepid water. Warm or hot water showers will open skin pores more heightening the tingle sensation.
  • Tingles feel overly hot when you use too high a tingle lotion for your skin type.

If you’re looking for another way to get the tan of your dreams, come and find your perfect tingle match.