Sunless Tanning Lotion

Posted by Saad on 7th May 2021

Not everybody is comfortable with exposing themselves to the harmful UV rays that come from the Sun. Unfortunately, with natural tanning, that is inevitable. People may use sunblock and other similar creams but that too only provides limited protection. On the other hand, there has been growing interest in indoor tanning, which involves the use of a Sunless tanning lotion.

Wondering what a sunless tanning lotion is? In this article, we will answer all the common questions that people ask regarding sunless tanning.

What is A Sunless Tanning Lotion?

A sunless tanning lotion is a liquid that is applied to the skin evenly. These are also referred to as self-tanners that give a tanned look. Many people also use them in conjunction with indoor tanning beds. Today, this is one of the most common tanning methods. Zero exposure to the sun's UV rays makes this method particularly attractive.

The primary component present in a sunless tanning lotion is Dihydroxyacetone. According to the latest Dihydroxyacetone research, this component is responsible for the resulting tanned look.

Application of Sunless Tanning Lotion

The application of sunless tanning lotion is rather simple. Just follow the steps mentioned below:


The first step is to exfoliate the skin. This will remove any dead skin cells that may be building up on your skin. You may have to spend some more time exfoliating the thicker areas such as elbows, knees, and ankles. Once done, let the areas dry up.

Apply in Small Sections

Put some of the sunless tanning lotions on your hands and then rub it in a circular motion in smaller sections. Make sure that you are applying it evenly throughout the skin. Once done, do not forget to wash your hands to avoid discoloration of the palms.

Wipe the Joint

Naturally, joints such as ankles, elbows, and knees tend to absorb a higher amount of the lotion. So, you may want to dilute the tan in these areas. For that, wipe the area using a damp towel right after the application.

Let It Dry

Finally, let it all dry up naturally before covering the areas up.

What Do They Include?

You can find a wide range of sunless tanning lotions in the market. Each product would have its own specifications and with extra components that you may or may not prefer. So, based on your requirements and preferences, do not forget to check the labels of every product.

For instance, many sunless tanning lotions contain essential oils such as coconut oil or olive oil. This is usually done to counter the naturally drying effects of bronzers. However, oily products may not be suitable for people who naturally have very oily skin.

With that, different products are available for people who have dry skin. Those who have neutral skin should go for neutral products. Overall, there is a vast array of options. For instance, if you head to our store, Tanaholics, you will come across many products from different brands.

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Though, we advise buyers to go through the labels and check the specifications of each product before buying it. Again, that is advised only to ensure that the product is in line with your expectations and requirements.

Furthermore, you may also consider buying some samples before going for full-sized bottles. This can help you figure out whether a particular brand is suitable for you or not.


Overall, the purpose of a sunless tanning lotion is to deliver a tan while also reducing the need of exposing yourself to sunlight. This is very convenient for working women and men who must juggle multiple jobs in a day. With such a busy routine, it is certainly not easy to spend hours on the beach. A suitable sunless tanning lotion would take these concerns away.

At the same time, research in this area has led to the development of many products. Brands actively study their products and continue to improve them with every passing day. So, today, the sunless tanning industry is far bigger than it was a decade ago. And it is only expected to become bigger.

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