Tanning Bed Lotion

Posted by Saad on 21st Mar 2021

Looking for a high-quality tanning bed lotion but not sure where to find it? You have come to the right place. In this article, we present the best buying tips that will help you make decent choices.

Tanninglotions have only been around since the late 1970s. Hence, these are recent inventions, which means that experts still have a lot more to discover about them.

Based on recent scientific research, tanning lotions enhance the production of melanin in the skin. The main credit for this goes to DHA, one major component present in every tanning bed lotion.

What is Tanning Bed Lotion?

A tanning bed lotion is an alternative to regular sun tanning. Women and men apply this lotion before heading to a tanning sunbed. These lotions are designed to enhance the melanin production in the skin, resulting in a quick tan.

For as long as you apply the lotion to the body evenly, you cannot tell the difference between a suntan and a tan generated with the help of tanning bed lotion. Good tanning lotions give you a natural-looking sun-kissed tan. This way, you can achieve the look that you have always dreamt of.

To learn more about tanning bed lotions including their types, consider checking out our tanning lotion blog.

How to Buy Tanning Bed Lotion?

You can find tanning bed lotion at many different outlets. Among these, our store Tanaholics is a prime choice for many women. This is because our online store deals with only the best products available in the market.

For instance, our diverse catalog contains top brands including Ed Hardy, Devoted Creation, cotton candy, and Kardashian glow. Furthermore, we also sell a range of other accessories related to self-tanning and indoor tanning.

So, just head to our stores and scroll through our catalog. After you find your desired product, simply add it to your cart and then proceed to check-out. After confirming your delivery address and processing the payment, you will receive your tanning lotion or relevant accessories right at your doorstep.

Apart from this, you can also find tanning lotions in many other stores. But the main thing to remember is, that all stores are not reliable enough. So, you should only buy from stores that have been in this business for years now.

This can help you prevent potential scams or bad buying experiences. To figure out whether a tanning lotion store is good enough, you can consider a number of different signs. These include:

Brand Reputation

The reputation of the brand should be the first thing. You see, most tanning bed lotion stores are third-party stores that sell multiple products from different brands.

So, every product is bound to have different features, purposes, and quality. Hence, you must do some background checks on the brand before buying any product. This will help you in choosing the right self-tanning lotions.

Furthermore, do not forget to compare the market price of the product too. This way, you can ensure that you are not paying more than what the product is actually worth in the market.


The next thing to check is the list of components present in the tanning bed lotion. For instance, some tanning lotions may contain essential oils to rehydrate the skin while others may not contain any oils.

At the same time, the amount of DHA present in different lotions also varies. The higher the DHA, the more intense the tan is. So, depending on your requirements and needs, make sure that you are considering the list of components.

Along with that, also make a check whether you are allergic to any of the listed components. For instance, some people may not find caffeine suitable, even though it works as an antioxidant.


With that, the quality of the product is very important too. This is basically dependent on the quality of the individual components present in the tanning lotion. And of course, this varies, depending on where the company is sourcing these individual components from.

Since high-end brands source the highest quality components, the end-product also has a higher quality and hence, more cost. So, consider this factor before buying any tanning bed lotion. To test the quality, buying tanning lotion samples is a suitable idea.


Along with brand and components, the price of the product also matters a lot. This can vary from store to store, and from product to product. Well-established brands that enjoy the utmost trust of customers tend to have higher prices.

In comparison, a new brand that has a similar quality but no experience in selling tanning bed lotion may charge relatively lesser. So, before buying any tanning bed lotion, this is just another factor that you must consider.