Fake Bake



The Beauty Secret Is Fake Bake

MMMMMM. Organic ingredients punched full of patent-pending techno stuff. Fake Bake self-tanners are strangely exciting, and you’ll like it. DHA (Dihydroxyacetone for the techie peeps) is the secret. Oops. Fake Bake self-tanners deliver a safe and long-lasting rich golden tan every time. Never turning your skin orange, staining your treads, or leaving a funky odor afterwards. The perfect bronzed tan glow, whenever, is a given with Fake Bake. The bronze bombshell is back. Did you know Fake Bake will compliment every last one of your outfits. Going out later? Apply Fake Bake and do up the town right.

One last thing, remind yourself that you are breathtaking, and let your Fake Bake journey begin. Find out what the tan life is really about.

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