Hoss Sauce



Viva De La Hoss Sauce

Heighten your happiness as the purple light wraps its light around you. Uno, dos, tres, Hoss Sauce tanning lotions are the ritmo for belíssima. By far these lotions are the most purest of pure, and designed for the ultimate in skin nourishment. Walk away from “typical”, and jump on the slippery slide of Hoss Sauce. Never stop dreaming. Heighten your happiness. Exotic moisturizers, silicones, and hemp oil reach out for you. Become the dark gleaming black star you are with Hoss Sauce tanning lotions. Color results from each tanning session. Period.

Caution: After using Hoss Sauce tanning lotions you just may find that your energy levels are up and ready for a full night of dancing. Jack not included.

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