Designer Skin Conceited

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Designer Skin Conceited

If you’re comfortable in your skin, it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks! That’s the magic of indoor tanning lotions – they help you achieve the skin color of your dreams! One product that has made enormous waves in the indoor tanning lotion industry is a product that goes by the name of Designer skin conceited.

Designer skin conceited is one of the various available bronzers that we offer in the ‘shop lotions’ section of our website at Tanaholics. Bronzers are known as indoor tanning lotions that help individuals acquire a sun-kissed skin color without ever leaving the comfort of their homes! Bronzers are available in various formulas such as creams, gels, powders, and lotions. The Designer skin conceited bronzer is available in the form of lotion.

Designer Skin Conceited Features

This particular tanning lotion is one of the many branded products that we provide at Tanaholics. The Designer skin conceited bronzer is a product of a brand known as ‘Designer skin’. Their philosophy is ‘Nutrition for skin’ hence, they provide only the highest quality skin products. Customers who buy the Designer skin conceited bronzer will be happy to know that this product provides a tanning effect after just one minute of application!

Using this product will feel like you have just returned from a magazine photoshoot! The idea of this lotion isn’t just to tan your skin, the idea is to perfect it! So why not buy this lotion at an incredibly low price from us at Tanaholics and achieve the perfect complexion for your skin!

Designer Skin Conceited Size & Price

The Designer skin conceited bronzer is available in a 13.5 oz. bottle and the fragrance available in it currently is candy crush. We at Tanaholics provide this product at the incredibly low price of $36.95! That’s almost half of what it was previously priced at! So don’t wait, and buy this tanning lotion from Tanaholics now!

Buying your tanning products from us ensures that you’re getting some of the best products in the industry! This is because we at Tanaholics have been in the tanning industry for over 15 years. If you’re interested in learning more about indoor tanning, visit our detailed blog section.