Ed Hardy Peace and Harmony

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Ed Hardy Peace and Harmony

Nowadays, you do not have to expose yourself to the sun’s harmful UV rays to get a tan. Instead, tanning lotions like the Ed Hardy Peace & Harmony help you tan your sensitive skin with great ease.

Unlike many other lotions, the Ed Hardy Peace & Harmony does not leave the skin burning. Rather, this lotion gives your skin the necessary tan and hydration in a delicate way. After all, it is designed for women that have sensitive skin.

Ed Hardy is popular for producing tanning lotions for a wide range of customers. For instance, in their range, you can find lotions for all skin types. This company is around for almost a decade now and is still going strong in sales due to an incredibly high quality and affordable prices.

What Is Inside the Ed Hardy Peace & Harmony?

This indoor tanning lotion does not contain any ingredient that could irritate sensitive skin. Rather, it contains the essential activators that result in higher production of melanin. These components are particularly responsible for giving your skin a sun-kissed tan.

Along with that, like many other Ed Hardy products, the Ed Hardy Peace & Harmony also contains rice and cotton extracts. The main purpose of these extracts is to soften and soothe the skin. So, along with the tan, this lotion also gives you a firm feel.

At the same time, this indoor tanning lotion contains two main antioxidants. Namely caffeine and green tea extracts, which energize the skin and tighten it for a younger look.

Though, unlike some other tanning lotions, the Ed Hardy Peace & Harmony does not contain extra oils such as nut oil. Along with that, it is also free of Paraben and Gluten. So, overall, this tanning lotion by Ed Hardy is highly recommended by beauty experts.

Who Should Buy the Ed Hardy Peace & Harmony?

This tanning lotion is perfect for women who have sensitive skin and want a mellow lotion that gives them the necessary tan without any irritation. So, what are you waiting for? Place orders for the Ed Hardy Peace & Harmony and experience its wonders.