Devoted Creations Playful in Pink

Devoted Creations Playful in Pink

The Devoted Creations Playful in Pink is an all-in-one tanning lotion that is infused with coconut extracts. It is a dark bronzer that is designed for women that want some serious shine and tanning.

This unique formula contains bee's wax and seaweed that hydrate the skin from deep within while getting rid of toxins at the same time. This self-tanning lotion also contains Camu Camu berries that work as antioxidants to aid the skin’s natural repair process.

The parent company of this product, Devoted Creations is a leader in the world of tanning lotions and bronzers. With dozens of products already in production, Devoted Creations continues to baffle its customers with new and improved formulas such as this one.

All in all, the Devoted Creations Playful in Pink bronzer is among the most popular tanning lotions in the market.

Devoted Creations Playful in Pink Features

This bronzer is a lightweight formula that works immediately. It contains several accelerators that increase the speed of the tanning process. Hence, you can get better and darker results in no time.

Along with that, it also features a unique DHA formula containing a range of cosmetic and natural bronzers that result in immediate tanning. Another notable feature of this tanning lotion is the sun-kissed fruit fragrance, which leaves you smelling fresh and lively.

Who Should Buy Devoted Creations Playful in Pink?

The Devoted Creations Playful in Pink is highly suitable for women who want quicker and immediate results. This tanning lotion is suitable for all body parts and delivers a uniform even tone. Many women who like to wear exotic clothes prefer this tanning lotion due to its fast action.

Apart from the fast action, the Devoted Creations Playful in Pink also offers prolonged results. So, unlike other tanning lotions, you will not have to apply this one after every few hours. Hence, it is a reliable product for everyday use, especially for women who go out often for work.

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