Craving to get your skin darker, softer and more radiant than ever? We have got you covered! 

Tanaholics promises to deliver top of the line tanning products, including indoor tanning lotions, accessories and stickers, making sure your body doesn’t go unnoticed. Giving you every reason to show off the perfect tan that you will get. Our catalog of products features industry-leading brands and their products. Well, they speak for themselves. 

Ashonish bronzer stands out among the rest, claiming to extract your ‘Inner Bronze Siren’ and seduce the world. Want that ‘show-stopper’ babe skin that drives all the lads crazy? 

Well, a jaw-droppingly dark and radiant skin works like magic. And this natural bronzer with exceptional features is a true go-getter for you. 

Ashonish Ingredients

  • Strobing Diamonds: renders your skin with a golden highlight
  • Natural Bronzer: derived directly from plants to add up the missing nutrients into your skin
  • Caramel: meant for immediate results
  • Precious Pearl Infusion: renders luminescent glow
  • Hydrating Coconut Water: improves skin texture
  • Pomegranate Pear: for fragrance

Ashonish Features

Bringing you a high-quality bronzer coupled with mind-boggling fragrance and silky soft skin, here’s Ashonish, a 13.5 Fl.oz tanning lotion every woman can that perfect yet illusive bronze texture of the skin! 

Starting with the basics, the natural bronzer is meant to stay on your skin for up to four days, keeping your skin soft, streak-free and touchable. It combines with Caramel to offer your skin the much-needed bronze glow. 

Strobing Diamonds have a proven track record to work on the fine lines. Your appearance will brighten up, and look livelier than ever before. The Natural bronzer, together with strobing diamonds, is what your skin needs to get golden highlights. 

And how can we forget the Precious Pearl Infusion that works on dry skins more often than not, giving it a luminescent glow. 

To top that up, there’s that hydrating coconut water packed with amino acids and proteins. It acts as a moisturizer to dry skin, thereby improving its texture. 

And last, but not the least, the Pomegranate Pear fragrance will mesmerize any passerby, and you won’t go unnoticed. 

Go for It

Ashonish may be the best solution if you want to do away with dry skin. If you want to accentuate your skin texture, this may be a go-to lotion for you. 

Want a sample? Don’t worry. Choose from our long list and grab yours at as low as $1.95. Yes, just like we promise to give you out-of-the world looks, our discounts also come from another world.