Island Time

Island Time

If it’s been a while searching for a super-tan that not only renders a perfect, well-distributed tan but also preserves your skin for a longer period, finally, you’ve made it! Tanaholics brings you an amazing formula right out of its top-shelf. Island Time by Supre Tan is the one you should try.

Your skin deserves super care and Supre Tan tanning lotions have that innovativeness to render that deliciousness. Supre Tan offers a wide range of tanning lotions, including bronzers, accelerators, intensifiers, and much more. Their formulae offer purely organic ingredients, be it botanical oils, extracts, butter, hydrants, vitamins, or anything that fits the ‘Skincare’ definition.

And Island Time is their new product. It’s a dark tanning maximizer packed with all the sought-after ingredients, and of course, the mesmerizing fragrance.  

Island Time Features

What makes Island Time your go-to tanning maximizer? The answer is in its ingredients.

  • Natural bronzer
  • Honey
  • Coconut water
  • Papaya extract
  • Island Breezy (Fragrance)

Island Time tanning lotion offers a perfect blend of bronzer hue and skin conditioners to spell its magic. As the name suggests, it promises to give you that perfect Island-ish look without having to spend hours under the sun - and catch sunburns.

The bronze hue offers the darkest tan deep inside your skin, making sure it stays with you for a longer period. The skin conditioning and toning blend of honey, coconut water and papaya extract offers multiple benefits to your skin.

Apart from removing wrinkles, white marks and oxidants hiding inside your skin, it penetrates deep down, rejuvenating your skin cells. As a result, your skin becomes smoother, firmer and younger. Finally, the Island Breezy fragrance is there to turn heads.