Milk Chocolate Fudge Brownie

Milk Chocolate Fudge Brownie

Are you a tanner who’s looking to indulge in a royal tanning experience? The Milk Chocolate Fudge Brownie bronzer is just the sunless tanning lotion you need! Known as one of the best bronzers in the industry, this particular indoor tanning lotion for sale is perfect for new and experienced tanners alike.

That’s because it’s reputed to provide sun-kissed skin in no time! Not only that, this sun-kissed skin is known to last a longer period compared to other sunless tanning lotions. How is this possible? Let’s find out by learning more!

Primary Ingredients

What makes this particular bronzer stand out in the tanning industry? Let’s look at its primary ingredients:

  •        Several natural vitamins and oils
  •        200X Black Bronzers
  •        Double Dark Chocolate Extracts
  •        Silicone Emulsion
  •        Kiwi Coconut Berry Blossom Fragrance


So, what can customers expect when they purchase Milk Chocolate Fudge Brownie from us at Tanaholics? A royal tanning experience, that’s what! The 200X Black Bronzer and the Double Dark Chocolate extracts work together to provide a sensuous experience like no other.

Add the silicone emulsion and kiwi coconut berry blossom fragrance to the equation and what you have is one of the finest sunless tanning lotions in the market.

Is It Worth Buying?

Let’s just say, if Milk Chocolate Fudge Brownie bronzer wasn’t worth buying, we wouldn’t be selling it here at Tanaholics! We only provide the finest indoor tanning lotions on our website for our wide customer base.

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