Australian Gold Sol Desire

Australian Gold Sol Desire Indoor Tanning Lotion

Are you looking for a tropical escape out in the sun? Or, you want that perfect, natural looking tan that is trendy yet easy-to-get? We have the perfect solution for you!

Tanning lotions have been quite popular among men and women, especially women. Not only do they give you a sassy look, but they also serve the purpose of protection against the scorching beams of the Sun.

If you’re on the lookout for one impressive tanning product, try Australian Gold Sol Desire. This is a great tanning lotion you’ll surely want to treat your skin with! 

Australian Gold Sol Desire Ingredients

Australian Gold Sol Desire comprises natural and skin-friendly ingredients, aimed at darker, softer and healthier skin. These include:

  • Aleo Base - A gel featuring high concentration of aloevera, a useful herb that contains natural skin moisturizers and smootheners.
  • Ultra DermaDark® Bronzer: A natural bronzer meant for steak-free skin and longer results
  • FadeDefy™ Technology: A combination of Kakadu Plum and Shea Butter
  • Biosine Complex®: A combination of skin softening and moisturizing ingredients.
  • Coconut extract: For fragrance

Australian Gold Sol Desire Features

Australian Gold Sol Desire features a unique Aloe-base that aims to moisturize and condition your skin, keeping it soft and touchable. The essential ingredient, the DermaDark® Bronzer is the key here. It is a natural bronzer free of synthesizers.

Made out of natural plants, the natural color-enhancing bronzer is believed to give you quick results, thereby staying on your skin for up to 4 days, depending on your skin. This means you can show off your Bronze skin tone without having to wear Australian Gold Sol Desire continuously. 

The dark bronze hue keeps your skin streak-free, making sure your skin doesn’t develop dark spots till the lotion vanishes completely. 

Then, the FadeDefy™ Technology provides all the important nutrients to your skin, ensuring deep color saturation to make sure your skin stays darker for days, if not a week. On top of this, the upgraded Biosine Complex® offers a smart combination of skin soothes and moisturizes to keep it silky and radiant all the time. 

Finally, the Coconut Sunset neutralizes the odor of all the ingredients and gives out fresh coconut fragrance.