Designer Skin Juicy Desire

Designer Skin Juicy Desire

What do tanners desire? Perfectly bronzed skin? Even coloration of their skin? Or maybe longer-lasting results? Whatever it is, the Designer Skin Juicy Desire bronzer has it all! This branded product offered by us at Tanaholics is perfect to fulfill all your tanning needs as its purpose is to develop a longer-lasting color that spreads evenly across your skin.

We at Tanaholics provide a range of different branded products such as the Designer skin juicy desire bronzer in the ‘shop lotions’ category on our website. That being said, the Designer skin juicy desire bronzer is certainly one of the top-picks of tanning enthusiasts in the industry!

This is because the Designer skin juicy desire bronzer is a gentle solution that is perfect for all types of skin. It’s an 18X bronzer that provides a delightful fusion of Mango, Pineapple, and Kale, to form a juice-based formula that serves the skin with over 12 unique antioxidants and nutrients. This leads to beautifully glowing and hydrated skin.

Designer Skin Juicy Desire – Features

The fragrance available in the Designer skin juicy desire bronzer is Pineapple Prosecco. This product is available in 13.5 oz. bottles for the lowly price of $40.95 at Tanaholics. This blend features a mix of vitamins and skin conditioners to help promote younger-looking skin.

When you buy your tanning products from us, you can be sure that you’re getting the best tanning lotions in the industry. This is because we at Tanaholics have been in the tanning industry for over 15 years! Hence, we understand all the primary issues that tanners face when searching for indoor tanning lotions.

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That’s why we assure you that we are providing the best indoor tanning lotions at the lowest prices possible! If you end up getting a product that you don’t want, then you can return it as we accept returns of unopened items within 30 days of delivery for a full refund.

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