Ed Hardy Hollywood Bronze

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Ed Hardy Hollywood Bronze

Tired of the monotonous on-goings of your life? Want to break this boring cycle and start living like a star? Well, to live like a star, you have to look like one first, and guess what? With Ed Hardy Hollywood Bronze, you can achieve the skin of a Hollywood star!

Gone are the days of un-efficient tanning products because today, customers can find a variety of top-quality indoor tanning lotions at a variety of places. One of these places is right here at Tanaholics as we provide countless tanning lotions in the ‘shop lotions’ section of our website. One of the most popular varieties in this section is Ed Hardy Hollywood Bronze.


  • Several dark bronzing agents
  • MelanoBronze
  • Hemp seed oil
  • Several Amino acids
  • Cocoa Butter
  • Cranberry seed oil
  • Candy Kisses fragrance

Ed Hardy Hollywood Bronze Features

If you want to look like a Hollywood star, Ed Hardy Hollywood Bronze is just the product for you! Formulated with the latest technology, this unique product combines several essential oils and vitamins for a perfect deep dark tan!

This product will help you achieve the glow you desire and the amino acids in this product will prevent any wrinkles from formulating. The dark bronzing agents will result in an immediate and long-lasting tan, exactly what every tanner desires!

The MelanoBronze in Ed Hardy Hollywood Bronze also assists with longer-tanning results whereas the hemp seed oil works to moisturize the skin. The Cocoa butter formula in this product is what repairs the damaged skin. Finally, the cranberry seed oil provides a high level of antioxidants which gives the skin a refreshing look!

Should You Buy This Product?

Not every tanning lotion is going to provide you with immediate tanning results! So, without a doubt, tanners should jump at the chance to buy Ed Hardy Dramatically Dark wherever they see it! For those who decide to buy it from us at Tanaholics, we have one simple message: Welcome to the red carpet!

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