High Fashion Urban Fashion

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High Fashion Urban Fashion

Being fashion-forward is the way to go and what better product to assist you in this journey than the High Fashion Urban Fashion bronzer offered right here at Tanaholics! A favorite of countless tanning enthusiasts, this particular indoor tanning lotion for sale is known to provide unrivaled beauty and skin tone.

This unique blend is designed to satisfy every tanner’s deepest and darkest desires. Does it live up to this expectation? Let’s take a look at the ingredients and features of High Fashion Urban Fashion before we make a decision!


What makes High Fashion Urban Fashion such a highly demanded indoor tanning lotion? The following is a list of ingredients that play a huge role in this process:

  • 50X Bronzer lotion
  • 5 different silicones
  • Argan Oil
  • Mineral complex condition
  • Fresh Melon with Nutty Lime fragrance


Want a quick-forming tan that lasts for a longer period? High Fashion Urban Fashion tanning lotion is the solution to all your problems! Being a 50X Bronzer, this lotion provides the perfect sun-kissed skin and keeps the skin hydrated and soft.

The Argan oil and Mineral complex work to condition and fortify the extracellular matrix. This provides tanners with beauty like never before! Finally, the fresh melon and nutty lime fragrance wrap it all up and what we have is one of the finest sunless tanning lotions around!

Is It A Good Option?

If nothing bad is being said about High Fashion Urban Fashion, then they must be doing something right! Customers who buy this tanning lotion rate it highly and it’s certainly a must-try for tanners worldwide.

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