Ultimate Theory

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Ultimate Theory

What once was the Ultimate Theory, is now a reality. This advanced formula is scientifically designed to secure your skin’s health while optimizing your tan for the deepest bronze imaginable. It’s not just a Theory, it is now a proven fact! This bronzer contains a hot tingle complex that brings blood to the surface of the skin, flooding melanin-producing cells with oxygen. This oxygenation of the area prepares them for immediate UV exposure and allows tanning to begin as soon as the lamps turn on. The 100X Bronzer Blend also brings your seductive side to the surface, as it deepens your tan to a mysterious ebony tone, that continues to grow deeper long after your session ends.
The Ultimate Theory puts THC-free hemp seed oil to work, and concludes that they make your skin as gorgeous as ever, as they satisfy skin’s hunger for fatty acids which keep it plump and illuminated. There’s no need to hypothesize when it comes to the benefits of Shea butter and sesame oils, known for keeping skin balanced and preventing thirsty, peely, itchy skin. While you let this Theory get to work on your skin, you can enjoy floating on a cloud of Blue Grape, as the scent of this lotion gently envelops you and your senses.

Caution: This product contains an extreme tingle that a causes reddening sensation. A base tan is recommended before use. Not intended for sensitive skin. Not recommended for facial area. Test small area before application.